Osprey is a blue-chip natural history one-off featuring unlimited exclusive access to a uniquely located nesting site and the life-long pair that have inhabited it for over ten years. It offers one-of-a-kind perspectives and unprecedented intimacy as it follows the pair throughout their summer breeding season in a small coastal inlet of Eastern North America.

Incorporating the latest in high-frame-rate equipment, drone aerials, infrared, underwater, and motion-controlled time-lapse photography, the film combines state-of-the-art cinematography with compelling storytelling to bring the osprey’s remarkable drama to the screen as has never before been done. Award winning filmmakers, world-renowned writers, and top scientific experts explore the subtle intricacies of the ospreys’ intimate lives, bringing us closer than ever to one of the most engaging characters of the animal kingdom.

Comprised of 100% original material and filmed entirely in digital 4K resolution, Osprey is visually stunning and future-proofed. It boasts original music composition, and an original script written by award-winning writers and top scientific experts. Using spectacular cinematography from land, sea, and air, blending dramatic landscapes with intimate animal behavior, this ambitious program presents the most compelling portrait ever made of these incredible creatures.

The production has a strong conservation mission and impact plan, a wide grassroots participation and outreach strategy, and a high value for education and non-profit environments. The versatile content is as suitable for film festivals as it is for international television broadcast, and will be fit to various time slots so as to maximize its exposure across platforms to a global target audience.
RUNTIMES: 1 x 60 


: MAR - OCT, 2016

  Original - RED RAW 4K

                   Deliverables - 1080p NTSC
                   Dolby 5.1 Stereo Surround