To utilize the power and effectiveness of visual media to build environmental awareness, and through cooperation achieve maximum exposure for the film and its partners, while creating an opportunity for real conservation impact.


is unique in that the production has a true conservations mission. Through education, outreach, and partnership, Osprey supports efforts to protect critical wildlife habitat, raises awareness about the importance of biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and restores a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world through inspiring visual material.
In the United States, the osprey acted as a principal indicator initiating efforts that ultimately lead to the abolishment of the DDT pesticide and the birth of the Environmental Defense Fund. Staging a mythological comeback in North America and Europe, they represent the success of conservation efforts worldwide. and are an international symbol of the modern environmental movement.
A dramatic symbol of conservation success, the osprey is a perfect flagship species behind which a global community of supporters and interested parties can be rallied. Osprey's Conservation Impact Plan involves broad collaboration between entities and individuals who share a common mission, interest, and following. It is grounded in the belief that conservation organizations, environmental publications, and wildlife film and television can and should cooperate to greater serve one another, as well as our common goal of promoting planetary stewardship and an enhanced environmental ethic.
The plan involves sharing the outreach of conservation groups and environmental publications with Osprey to maximize its exposure and message. This collaboration starts with a linked web presence and extends to additional co-marketing as appropriate. It is intended that a portion of all revenues earned from the production of Osprey will be distributed to such collaborating organizations, with the hopes of achieving maximum support and further fulfillment of its conservation mission.
In this way we might forge reciprocal relationships, ones that through partnership and collaborative outreach would harness the shared passion of millions, bringing compelling media to its appropriate audience, as well as critical support to those trying to make the greatest impact. Through collaboration we can bring like-minded interests together across mediums, connecting the people who care about nature with the power and means to protect it.